Hi! It’s Stephanie here from Love in the Time of Foreclosure… and I do believe I’m starting a new blog.

two years on an island will be an outlet for all of our stories living rent-free as caretakers of a 1910 farmhouse on San Juan Island… and about how we’re digging ourselves out of debt and preparing to be first-time parents.

How we got here is a long story. The short version is this: We were homeowners in Los Angeles who fell into foreclosure after my husband (Bob) lost his job. After 11 months we sold the house in a short sale to avoid foreclosure and sold 90% of our possessions in a big estate sale. The day we drove away from our house to move in with my family in the suburbs of Chicago, we were contacted by someone who was wondering if we might want to take care of their house for two years… rent-free.  We said yes. And now we’re here. On this island.  In a 1910 farmhouse. For two years.

If you’re interested in the long version, you can catch up here.

Or you could check out these links:

Hear our story on “The Story” by American Public Media – Love & Foreclosure

Los Angeles Times front page story – Short sales grow as a cheaper alternative to foreclosure

Chicago Magazine Deal Estate Blog – A Foreclosure with a Happy Ending

The Huffington Post – Dispatches from the Displaced: Los Angeles Couple Blogs Their Foreclosure

NPR’s Planet Money – Living With Foreclosure

Business Week Magazine – A California foreclosure story: Can you be both broke and happy?

Apartment Therapy – Silver Ridge House Tour Residence Everything Goes Sale

We welcome e-mails. Feel free to contact us at:


By the way, I’m a playwright. If you want to know more about that, visit this site here.

Thanks for visiting!

2 Responses

  1. What do you think so far? We’ve just passed the two year mark on this tiny island and it’s looking like we’ll be here for at least two more…
    This was a fun read..

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comment. I just took a look at your blog and bookmarked it. I’ll definitely be a regular. Couldn’t figure out how to comment, though. And I wanted to ask about the drum circle. Was that in Friday Harbor? If so, how did I miss it? And how often does it happen?!

      We’re enjoying being here. It’s been an easier adjustment since the sun has returned!


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