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we have a five month old
December 16, 2010

It’s the middle of the night. I should be sleeping. Instead I’m up having just finally gotten Malcolm down to sleep. Again. Hopefully for the rest of the night.

Bob’s snoring.

Everything is quiet. Well, except for Bob’s snoring. (Ha, Bob. I’m not the only one who snores!)

I’m brushing my teeth. Finally. Getting myself ready for sleep when I glance at the time.

1:20 AM.

Huh. That can’t be. 1:20? Seriously? Funny that I would look at the clock right at that exact moment. Why?

Because at 1:20 AM exactly five months ago I had just given birth. [UPDATE: Just double checked. It was 1:40. Not 1:20. Mal was born at 1:40 AM. Oh well. Close enough.]

It’s official. We have a five month old.

Everyone says that the time flies by.

“Before you know it they’re walking.”

That’s what everyone says. He’s not walking yet. But he is growing so fast. And time is indeed flying by.

I just wanted to mark this moment with a blog post.

Because perhaps this is one way of preserving time. At least it’s an attempt.

And now a letter to my son inspired by Jenn Furber of Baby By the Sea who writes a letter to her daughters on every birthday.


I love being your mom more than I’ve loved being anything in my entire life. I adore everything about you. I love the way your hands rest on mine when I’m holding you. Your hands have gotten so big. You do so much with your hands now: you grab my hair, my glasses, the skin on my breasts (ouch). You hold your pacifier, your giraffe, your blankie. You’ve even begun to rub your eyes now when you’re tired.

You have so much personality, I’m constantly entertained. It seems like you’re always laughing and smiling… even when you’re crying. Yes, there will be a moment in the midst of a fit when you’ll suddenly smile. And those dimples. You got them from me. Even though everyone says you look exactly like your daddy.

We love you so much. More than we thought it was possible to love. Already five months have flown by. I think back on the day you were born with so much pride and joy. These last five months of learning how to be your mom have been the best of my life. I love you, little man. Happy five months of life.