Yep, still pregnant

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  1. Beautiful Mama!!

  2. How adorable are you?!?

  3. awww you look GREAT! I had a dream Pablo and I were running down Roche Harbor rd last night….dreams are strange….when I woke up I thought hmmmm maybe that means I am going to be getting the call today! Glad you have your Bob and all of your ducks are in a row! xoxoxo J

    • I have faith in dreams. I’ve had dreams about my friends on the nights they’ve gone into labor and woke up thinking… hmmm… maybe today is the day. So perhaps you’re onto something, Juniper. Maybe it will be tonight. You never know.

      By the way, Pablo is feeling better and we feel so good knowing that he’ll be with you, Sean and Valentino. Thank you so much again for being his surrogate parents!

  4. I am probably in the minority, but I have a strong belief no woman should have to carry past her due date!! All this build up for the day to come … and go. No baby! I hope you are doing well – you look great. Can’t wait for the update. You are going to be a great mom!

  5. He’ll be here soon, he’s waiting for the perfect birthday…hopefully it will be tomorrow! 🙂 If nothing else you look wonderful.

  6. You can let Malcolm know that I understand not wanting to be cuspy so waiting until he was well into Leo is understandable. But enough time has passed. He is not cuspy any more so feel free to come on out.

  7. Oh look at how beautiful you are!! What a wonderful picture.

    I show my 13 year old the photos of me on her due date. Man do bellies get big about that point. I remember that comfortable sleep was a distant fantasy, and I was willing to go through pretty much anything to get the kid out of me. She was six days late, but she finally chose a birthday and got it done! 🙂

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