barefoot and handcuffed in the Bahamas

IN CUSTODY: Colton Harris-Moore, 19, is shown after his arrest Sunday in the Bahamas. AP

He escaped from juvenile detention at 17

He stole some stuff, crashed a bunch of planes, flew into restricted air space, evaded arrest for a long time, made some fans, made some enemies

And then he was caught…

‘Barefoot Bandit’ video: Cult Hero Arrested in BahamasThe Washington Post

‘Barefoot Bandit’ Arrested in BahamasLos Angeles Times

I had so many people e-mail and text me yesterday when the news broke to make sure I had heard. Thanks for that, guys. You keep me in the loop.

I have to say that somehow this kid has grown on me. I know, I know. I still don’t condone his actions. But he’s just so young. Perhaps once he left the area and stopped taxing our county’s resources and stopped burglarizing the locals and small business owners, I was able to sympathize more with his plight. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the part in the LA Times article about how he briefly held a gun to his head right before his arrest and threatened to kill himself. He comes off as this ‘animal’ who just cannot be caged. And I can’t help but feel sorry for him.

Here are a few thoughts:

I won’t be getting any reward money for his capture

I’m glad he was caught before he ‘escalated’

When you’re on the run, stick with what you know. Obviously going to the Bahamas – a place so foreign to him – was his downfall.

The movie promises to be amazing. A high-octane version of “Catch Me If You Can,” perhaps?

What do you think?

6 Responses

  1. I read a fascinating article from Outdoor online. It really delved into the kid’s earlier years on Camano. My sympathy for him doubled after reading more about him. The system failed him, his mother failed him. He had been diagnosed as ADHD coupled with depression and medicated in his early teens. His mother then takes him off all medication on her own. Anyway, the whole thing is tragic in my mind.

    • Joy, do you have the link to the article? I’d love to read it.

  2. so tragic the whole thing….I feel the same Steph….I think he was blamed in the early years for a lot of things he didn’t do, that coupled with his dysfunctional upbringing made him not trust anyone and learn how to be a survivor….I don’t believe he had a violent bone in his body….I wonder if he has some sense of relief now knowing that he will be fed on a regular basis and can actually talk to people…..can you imagine the psychological strength it would take to live by yourself in the woods in the pacific northwest for two years….I can’t…and I’ll bet Richy Rich’s house that gets used once a year for a week would have called my name too….it doesn’t make it right I know….I’ll bet there were many people who exaggerated his “thefts” or “break-ins” just to get a little more out of their insurance etc….I hope a really good movie gets made and he takes the royalties to pay back everyone he stole from and he gets another shot at life….god knows I am not the person I was at 18!

  3. Juniper and Joy..I love both your comments.I don’t see Colton as a folk hero, but as one of the “forgotten ones”…he did alot of dumb things trying to remain free.It seems that he has an intense fear of being “trapped”..and yet this kid is SMART!!!Teaching yourself to fly isn’t easy.Someone needs to help him channel his gifts and make amends for his mistakes.Somehow I don’t think that’s part of the prison cirriculum.My heart does go out to him, yet he didn’t steal anything of mine….

  4. I’m with the majority- as far as his being sympathized with. He surely had a rough childhood growing up, and it’s easy to see just why he was running for so long.

    And as most would agree, the dude is not an idiot. He’s clearly got some smarts that the business world would invest in, in a hurry.

    It’ll be interesting to see what all happens during his trial.

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