lawnmower woman

Remember that movie Lawnmower Man? It came out in ’92, I think. I was a junior in high school and going to the movies on a date.

A first date.

With a boy I had been crushing on for that whole year.

I was uncomfortably nervous to be on this date to begin with. It only got worse when we arrived at the theater to the news that Lawnmower Man had sold out. What movie would we see? It took us long enough to agree on Lawnmower Man.

“Two for Basic Instinct,” says my date without hesitation.

I’m speechless. Terrified. And trying not to pee myself.

I’d heard enough about Basic Instinct to know that this was going to be two of the most awkward hours of my life.

Good times.

I eventually did see Lawnmower Man. Years later. Not on a date.

And today I mowed the lawn.

Confession 1:

2010 marks the first time I’ve ever mowed the lawn in my life.

Growing up, other people always mowed the lawn.

My brother. Our neighbor. My dad. My stepdad. My grandpa. Not me. I had other chores and never had any interest in lawn care.

When Bob and I landscaped our property in L.A., we purposely chose no-mow (yes, it exists) grass for the side yard. We literally never had to mow it. If we were going to have grass in L.A., we wanted a drought-resistant variety that didn’t require a lot of watering and never had to be mowed.

Now we live in the land of the fastest growing grass in the universe. Seriously. I’ve done the research. There is no place in the universe where the grass grows faster.

Okay, I made that up.

But this grass tests positive for steroids. It grows fast, tall and mean every single day. The more it flexes its muscles, the less I recognize it.

Needless to say, it needs to be mowed every week. Without fail. As long as it remains on the juice… otherwise known as rain.

Bob mows it when he’s home on weekends… but only if it’s not raining. If it rains on the weekend then I mow it during the week after work whenever the sun is shining.

Confession 2:

I actually like it.

I do. It’s satisfying. Instant gratification.

Once I start, I don’t want to stop until every blade of grass is cut down to size by the power of the push mower. I like looking at the fruits of my labor. A freshly mowed lawn. Ahhhhhhh…. so satisfying.

I get to be outside, I get exercise and Pablo loves to chase the mower around. It’s good for the whole family.

The problem? I’m getting bigger every day.

Today I worked a full shift at work (lots of time on my feet) and then came home and mowed the lawn.

It’s definitely gratifying, as I said. But man, my feet hurt.

Is it dangerous for a 33-week pregnant lady to mow the lawn, you ask?

Well, I’m certainly not the first pregnant woman to do it. (I did research that.)

As always, I will listen to my body and take it easy. Especially as I get bigger and closer to the big day.

Question 1: Does anyone  have any tips for edging?

Question 2: Any pregnant ladies out there mow the lawn? Would you?

P.S. The above picture was snapped by Bob several weeks ago. I’m MUCH bigger now. This baby is growin’… much like the grass. But without the mean part. With exception of a few painful jabs to my intestines. Or kidney. Or who knows what it is that he’s kicking in there that causes such pain.

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  1. you may or may not know this but my hubs owns a lawn and landscape company in the great state of tejas. too bad y’all don’t live in these parts, cause I’d make the hubs give you the sweet family deal. 😉 but since that will not be the case….here’s what tanner has done for my parents acreage in the past, as far as edging goes. now, we are not 100% “green and organic” when it comes to this stuff, mind you, but hold the judgements for another time. what tanner does is spray a weed/grass killer around all the areas that would normally be trimmed, saves tremendous time and blood, sweat, and tears when there’s acreage involved. but….this same thing I’m sure, can be done pesticide free, if you were the one applying it of course it’d be a must. google it and you’ll find all kinds of homemade versions that are environmentally friendly and baby mama friendly. IF you don’t neccessarily think the world will crumble by saving you time and effort, get a weed killer and have a kindly neighbor do the work for ya. either way…no edging for you!

    • No, Missy, I did not know that! Thanks for the professional advice! We would definitely not be using pesticides here… not only because I’m pregnant but because of the damage to the environment. Everything ends up in the ocean here. And we’re on a well… don’t know how that would effect our drinking water, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

      So I will research organic alternatives. Thanks!

  2. Sorry can’t help with the questions, but on behalf of your (probably swollen, but still quite lovely, I’m sure) feet, I’m going to give some unsolicited advice:

    Never wear sandals while mowing the lawn. Or any open-toe shoe. Always old sneakers or something closed-toed.

    Because rocks and sticks and other odds and ends are lurking in that crazy-growing-grass. And that is a powerful engine and blade to be so close to your tender tootsies.

    (And yes, I do have a friend who lost two toes that way. With shoes, it likely would have been a trip to the shoe store and maybe a few stitches. Instead, it ended up being a life-changing and gory trauma…)

    Ok, now feel free to go back to being the happy mama-to-be living for free on an island. 🙂

    • Tricia,

      Thank you so much for your concern… and don’t worry. Here’s a little secret… this photo was staged.

      When I mow, I wear sneakers, gloves, a hat and either my glasses or sunglasses to prevent particles from flying up into my eyes.

      So awful to hear about your friend and her lost toes!!

  3. Okay lawnmower lady…you’re teaching the baby a good work ethic in utero! As you know, I was water skiing on my due date with YOU…yes, this is not a “typo”…I was water skiing on my actual due date with you…that’s probably one of the many reasons you’re drawn to the water like you are.
    Just listen to your body and keep moving as much and as long as you can…and yes, take time to rest your feet, too.
    Your Mom

    • Mom, that’s so funny. I almost called you out in this blog post about “bragging” about how you were water skiing on the day you were due with me. Are you challenging me? Because I could water ski on my due date, too. With killer whales.

      (love you!)

  4. did you say Crushing on???? Mom Water Skiing really???

    • Yes. Yes I did.

  5. Oh Good for YOU!! Keep mowing the lawn, keep moving! Be as active as you can because it gets you in shape for labor. I continued to go to work the week AFTER I was due, because my girl just refused to get herself organized in there. I had been jogging and rollerblading, but in the end I could only take walks. It paid off because when it was time to push, my body was ready and it took less than an hour. Yup.

    So yes, keep mowing. Do whatever you want. Laugh at the people who think you should sit around when you want to move. It will be so worth it.

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