Seven years

This post is dedicated to my husband and our seven years of marriage.

Today is our seven year wedding anniversary.

Bob came home on Thursday night and we spent the weekend cleaning, building IKEA dressers and setting up the baby’s room.

And you know what? We had a wonderful time. Just being together.

Two weeks ago we did take a little holiday to Vancouver Island to celebrate our anniversary and to squeeze in one last romantic getaway before our little one arrives. And it was fabulous. I kept meaning to post about it. But, well… I’m pregnant. And tired.

So because we had our romantic getaway, this weekend became about the business of getting ready for the baby. But that is also romantic. When you’re building an IKEA shelving unit, it’s totally different when you’re building it for your baby’s room. It’s filled with purpose and significance.

Bob had work off today so was here on our anniversary. I had to work. So he drove me in to town at 7:15 AM, bought me a decaf latte and dropped me off at work.

While I was at work, Bob spent the day cleaning.

And as an anniversary gift, he built me a fire.

He cleaned the fireplace and stacked some logs in there with kindling. On top was a note that said “Happy Anniversary”… so that any time this week that I feel like having a fire, I don’t have to start from scratch. It’s already ready. Isn’t that the sweetest? I loved it. The perfect gift. By the way, it’s still in the 40s at night here. The high 40s, yes. But 40s nonetheless. So, yes… totally fire weather.

At 5PM I watched as he boarded the sea plane and floated away. Again. For another week. I didn’t cry this time.

I loved this anniversary. We’re so happy. So present to the importance of our marriage. More in love than we’ve ever been. And expecting our first child. Everything we’ve been through has led to this. We’ve had so many ups and downs. Just one year ago foreclosure notices were posted on our garage door. I’m so happy to be on the other side of that.

I’ll say it again. I am so happy to be on the other side of that!

Our lives are truly an adventure each and every day. And I’m so grateful to be on this adventure with Bob.

Thank you, Bob. I’m in awe of you every day. And I’m so grateful for your love and partnership. At the start of our relationship, I said to you or you said to me (can’t remember who said it anymore and that doesn’t really matter because we were both thinking it): “Together there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Boy were we right.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary.


8 Responses

  1. Congratulations! And many, many more.

  2. I love you too Sunshine. Thank you. I looked into your eyes and said “Together, we can accomplish anything.” ; ^ )

  3. Hey you two, so glad everything s working out for you… send me a snail mail address I have something for “Little walker” Love you both MOM Necia

  4. Awesome post….your favorite aunt Deb.

  5. awwww. This is so goddamned sweet it made me cry. Good on ya, mates.

  6. Congrats Steph and Bob on your 7th anniversary!

    I forgot that we shared 5/31 as our anniversary; Heather and I just celebrated our second in a really low-key way on Monday. We’ve enjoyed following your updates and hope the coming two months treat you well! Looks like H’s c-section will be around 7/7-14, and we’re both getting really excited. We found a cheap membership to a place w/ a pool w/ a view of the Catalina mountains and have been getting in as much swimming as we can. Tucson is pushing 95-100 degrees, though that’s unseasonably cool, so 40 degrees sounds enviable.
    wishing you all the best,
    Matt and Heather

    • Happy anniversary to you & Heather, Matt! And good luck with the c-section. It’s getting close, isn’t it?! All the best to you and Heather!

  7. congrats! may your marriage be abundantly blessed in the years to come šŸ™‚

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