Introducing my Bob replacement

This is “Gumby Crotch”

At least that’s what Bob calls it. Because it’s green. And looks like the legs of Gumby. I guess. Or he’s just jealous. Anyway…

To me, it’s pure joy. It’s how I sleep at night. And it’s my temporary Bob replacement. To be honest, I sleep with this thing even when Bob is here. Because it’s the only way for this pregnant lady to be comfortable at night.

Where did I find this magical pillow?

Well, it was a gift from my friend and boss lady, Steffi. Yes, she hired me only because my name is Stephanie and she wanted to thoroughly confuse everyone. I can’t count how many times I’ve said, “No, I’m Stephanie. She’s Steffi. Yes, it’s confusing.”

What makes it even better is that our initials are the same. SW. So I now go by SA (A for Alison… my middle name) to avoid further confusion.

Anyway…. back to the body pillow…

A guest had left the pillow at the hotel and didn’t want it back. I guess she had already given birth and it would have been too expensive to ship it. So rather than throw it out, Steffi held onto it.

Just in case.

Just in case some pregnant lady would need it.

Some pregnant lady.

Like me…

And there there I was on my first week of work complaining about how I couldn’t sleep because I was too uncomfortable and how I wanted a pregnancy pillow but couldn’t afford one.

I followed Steffi home from work that day (not like a stalker… she knew I was following her. She invited me, okay?) to pick up my Bob replacement. And slept well that night. Really well.

Thank you again, Steffi. You are my guardian angel.

Thank you, Gumby Crotch. Or whatever….

I love you.

One Response

  1. Awesome. I love the nickname. Watch~I bet you’ll want to sleep with it after you give birth. I use mine now to section off the bed when Z sleeps with us. And I thought mine was comfy..yours has 2 sides!

    Hey~Wouldn’t that be funny if the person whose pillow it was read this?

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