i’m leavin’ on a sea plane…

Not me. Bob. Actually, he just did. At 2:40 Bob, Pablo and I walked down the main dock at the Friday Harbor Marina…

Towards the sea plane dock where we quickly hugged and said our goodbyes before Bob boarded his ride…

and waved goodbye. See him in the last window?

He’s off to work in San Francisco again. He usually flies out of the airport on a regular commuter plane, but they were full. So the sea plane it is. Quite an adventure, right?

Bob’s now actually at SeaTac waiting for his flight to SFO. He told me that the sea plane was really fun and that the take-off was smooth. They flew over to Lopez Island first to pick up a couple and their Huskie Dog. Then they continued on to Lake Union in Seattle. From there, they put Bob on a shuttle and drove him to SeaTac.

It’s a lot of travel each week, for sure. But Bob said he would take this commute over the 90 miles he had to drive every day in L.A. Once he’s in San Francisco, he doesn’t have to drive anywhere. He walks to work and loves it.

We’re not sure how much longer he’ll have to be in San Francisco on a weekly basis, but for now we’re making it work. I miss him when he’s gone, but we talk every morning and every evening. And I’m quite busy between my job, writing, taking care of Pablo, resting when I’m tired and keeping up with the household chores. It definitely helps to be busy. And of course we both greatly appreciate the income from both of our jobs.

I always get sad when it’s time to say goodbye. Especially today on such a beautiful day in Friday Harbor. Gorgeous!

Today is the kind of day you want to go sailing. Or just sit in the harbor in your boat with a good drink. Or clean your boat in the sunshine. I’ve got boats on my mind.

The marina was just alive today and it made me really want a boat. Well, not really. Not the cost or the upkeep, but the pleasure. Boats are in my blood and we’re living in one of the most ideal cruising destinations in the country.


Pablo and I waved goodbye to Bob

then made our way back down the main dock towards the car.

But first, we said hello to Popeye – the resident one-eyed, 22-year-old sea lion…

and then we went home.

Because the house needs to be cleaned, the lawn needs to be mowed and a play needs to be written.

All before bed.

2 Responses

  1. Okay, now I feel like we have to meet. I need to be able to feed you dinner while your husband is away.

    • Haha! Yes. Well, we have to meet anyway… but I’ll never turn down a dinner.

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