happy mother’s day

I received a little surprise on Friday. A box with this note:

And these flowers:

I’m thinking, this kid is great! Sending me gifts before he’s even born?! Actually, my first thought was that my mom was behind this. Couldn’t have been Bob since the note said to say hi to Daddy.

So I call my mom and say, “You sent those flowers, didn’t you?”

And she says, “What flowers?”

But she says it like she’s smiling and suppressing a giggle.

“I knew it was you!”

“It wasn’t me! I’m not supposed to say,” she says. “It was Tom!”

My stepdad. How sweet, right? Adorable.

My mom then accused me of “breaking” her Jack Bauer style. Let’s just say that this is yet another way I take after my mom. We’re both terrible liars.

Thanks for the Mother’s Day flowers, Tom. They’re gorgeous.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! And especially the moms in my life…

Pam (my mom) Silvia (my stepmom) and Lori (my mother-in-law)

I love you!


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