Pregnancy update: 27/28 weeks

This Monday I officially begin my 28th week of pregnancy. Which I believe is the start of my 3rd trimester. Or is the 27th week the start? Either way, I’m in the home stretch. And I’m doing a lot of stretching. See?

Lilacs abound everywhere, by the way. There are five lilac trees on the property. They’re so beautiful and smell soooo good! The weather has been so glorious lately. And it’s been staying light out until almost 9PM already. I LOVE that!

But this post isn’t about the weather. It’s a pregnancy update. In case anyone is interested. I imagine my little guy reading this one day just to see what his mom went through to bring him into the world. So, if you’re reading this… Hi, Malcolm! Mommy loves you sooooooo much! (Yes, Malcolm is his name… unless we have a last minute change.)


Heartburn! Or is it acid reflux? Whatever it is it has woken me up in the middle of the night three times now. Oh the pain and discomfort. With the baby pushing all of my organs north, the burn is actually more in my throat than my chest.

Cutting out all carbonated beverages and upping my water intake. Hopefully that will help. Keep Rolaids near by at all times. Eat early. Oh… that means I should eat now.

Baby Brain: Anything I do or say that can be characterized as “ditsy.” Yes, I finally have a legitimate excuse! Also known as Mommy Brain.

Emotions I’ve noticed a surge of late. The weeping has subsided. Yes, I had a weeping phase. It would hit me out of nowhere. I’ve literally wept at commercials. What I’ve been noticing in the last week is major mood swings.

Blood Starting in my second trimester I began to experience excessive bleeding. Mostly when I floss. It’s pretty gross. I once spit what looked like a giant blood clot into the sink. And the taste of metal. Yuck. I’ve also had a couple of nosebleeds. I’m told by my midwife that this is very normal and is caused by the increase of blood flow due to pregnancy. Apparently your blood doubles during pregnancy.

Nightmares I haven’t felt too consciously anxious about the baby and his arrival. But the other night my dreams exposed my subconscious anxieties. They were all birth related. Everything that could go wrong in the birthing process went so very wrong. I don’t even want to get into details.

I also had a dream that these people were after me and were going to beat me in the belly with a baseball bat. I hope dreams like these are normal. I woke up really feeling anxious and ended up having a meltdown the next night. My anxieties brought to the surface. I’ll write more about this in another post. The good news is that I haven’t had any nightmares since.


He is moving so much! I’ve felt him turn over, hiccup, kick, punch, direct a symphony, breakdance, do the hokey pokey and swim the butterfly. It’s pretty awesome. I notice that often when he begins to really move, that’s when my hand goes automatically to my belly. The coolest thing is that you can see my belly move when he moves now.

Last Sunday, before Bob flew back to San Francisco, he put his face to my belly and felt a fluttering. That’s been the hardest for me to describe. I was so glad he got to feel it for himself.


It’s obvious now. People just look at me and ask, “When are you due?” Or, “Is this your first?”

While visiting my family back home, I went downtown to meet friends at Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. While waiting for the Red Line, I started to get worried that no one would let me sit and I’d be smooshed with the rest of the Cubs fans headed North.

Well, I didn’t have to worry. Because as soon as I boarded the train, a man jumped up (fellow Cubs fan) and said four glorious words: Here, take my seat!

I admit, I led with the belly. Needed to make sure to get that seat.

People hold doors for me now. Strangers say things like, “Excuse me, mama.” while trying to get around me. I get more smiles than usual. It’s nice. For sure.


I did buy a new bra while visiting my family. So relieved. Found it at Pea in the Pod on sale for $19.99 and it’s super comfortable. Mom was with me and literally gasped and covered her mouth in horror when she caught sight of my nipples. (Yes, I went there.) I had to show her given how crazy big they’ve gotten. I kind of expected her to say something like, “Oh, they’re not that bad. Mine got as big as my face.” or something. But no. She gasped. Luckily, I laughed. And I’m still laughing about it.

My first batch of maternity clothes arrived via a big box from my wonderful friend Carla in New York. It was like Christmas opening that box and trying on all the stylish maternity clothes. She saved me because they arrived right at the point that nothing was fitting anymore.

The next batch was lent to me from my new island friend Jennifer. She gave me a bag of clothes including a maternity bathing suit and several pairs of pants that have helped tremendously with my work wardrobe.

The third batch came from my lovely friend Rebecca in Chicago that included a few nursing tank tops that I’m sure I will be living in this summer.

And the last batch was passed onto me by Bob’s awesome cousin Jami. Also in Chicago. That batch filled the gaps in my wardrobe thanks to the many summer pants and shorts.

Thanks to all four women, I now have everything I need to make it through this pregnancy. I have dressy clothes and casual. Cool weather items and warm weather. Designer maternity jeans to the most comfortable blue velour pants and matching hoodie.

Thank you Carla, Jennifer, Rebecca & Jami!!!

And that’s the update.

Bob, Pablo and I are headed out to a few garage sales and the farmer’s market. This afternoon is our Cinco de Mayo party at work. Homemade food by our housekeeping manager and live entertainment. Yum!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


3 Responses

  1. If you start using a waterpik (use warm water and mix in a little salt) you should see a dramatic decrease in the bleeding when you floss.

    I used to get blood when I flossed but since I started using a waterpik every night no more blood.


  2. I love these updates! You look beautiful.

  3. Oh this whole post is definetely going into Mal’s baby book!I think the nightmares are a release. They express those thoughts and feelings you’re not living with every day. Chalk them up to a healthy way of dealing with deep thoughts and be grateful you don’t have them when you’re awake
    Love Mom

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