spring has landed on the island

So far everyone here has been very truthful about the weather.

When we first arrived in October all we heard was, “Get ready for the rain!” And “Get ready for the darkness!”

It was suggested that we purchase UV lights to stare into like they do in Alaska. We were warned about Seasonal Affective Disorder. We heard tales of storms from winters past that trapped people in their homes for days on end. Why? Because they don’t plow here. Not outside of town.

Last year they were hit with so much unexpected snow that people who lived outside of town had to walk into town for groceries. Walk… hike. Through snow. One friend said she hiked seven miles in after running out of groceries.

So, yes. We were sufficiently prepared. We lost our power twice. Once for seven hours and another time for just a couple. Both were related to high winds. Our pipes froze. We were out of the house for several days living in a local motel waiting for the pipes to thaw.

That was our low point. We were cold. The furnace wasn’t working properly. We were about ready to throw up our arms. And I started to suspect that I had SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.) I was sad. And hated, hated, hated the darkness.

“The Spring and Summer make it all worthwhile.”

That’s what we heard when we would complain about the weather.

I never realized how spoiled I got from Southern California weather. L.A. turned me into a baby. In L.A. I actually used to complain about too much sun. I thought it was so boring. Nothing but sun and cloudless skies all the time. Boring.

I longed for thunderstorms and cloudy days. Something interesting. But as soon as things became ‘interesting’ weather-wise here, I wasn’t having it. It depressed me. I wanted out. I began to ache for the Los Angeles sun and heat. I know. I’m never happy, right? Well…

“Just hang in there. You’ll be so glad you did.”

And then came the sun. And the temperatures rose. And the thought of frozen pipes is now almost an ancient memory.

It’s felt like Spring for several weeks now. Temperatures have been in the 50s and even the 60s on some days. The sun has been shining. The rain and winds have settled.

I mean, we have daffodils blooming in our yard! Daffodils! Trees are flowering and crickets are chirping at night. At least they sound like crickets. Whatever they are.

“This is a mild winter. Mild, mild, mild!”

We now feel lucky. Lucky for this early Spring. This mild winter.

As snow continues to blanket so many other parts of our country, we’re experiencing a mild winter. And I almost didn’t make it through. How is that? Well, it’s certainly something I’ve been examining.

No experience is perfect. In fact, if it were ‘perfect’ I’d probably be bored. Like a cloudless sky.

Nobody said life was easy. Nobody said living on an island would be easy. But easy isn’t what we’re looking for. Is it? One part of me is screaming YES, YES! I WANT THINGS TO BE EASY! PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! And the other part is saying, You know better.


5 Responses

  1. On the East coast we dont get “Spring” until JUNE!!!!

    But vitamin D is still a god supplement to take

  2. I LOVE that last line. It made me laugh….
    Great post.Daffodils don’t pop through the ground here in Chicagoland until mid to late April, so enjoy the yellow

  3. Last summer our weather was like LA, boring. Sunshine day in and day out, no clouds at all, but nice temperatures, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect! I hope this summer is the same, but it might be hotter since our winter was so mild. It was gorgeous here while you were away. I’ve had a head start on my tan since mid February! (Hi Pam!!)

  4. Steph,

    To me, the grass is always greener somewhere else no matter where I am…I can not STOP comparing other places to where I am living.
    There is no perfect place, but, it is fun trying to find one.

    • Auntie M,
      You’re so right… “There is no perfect place, but it is fun trying to find one.” I agree. Great perspective. Thanks!

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