the green machine

Dear Volvo Wagon,

Oh, how we’re happy you’re running again. Our mechanic thinks you should be good to go now. We replaced hoses and seals and other parts I know nothing about. Whipping you into tip top shape.

We do hope you’ll be happy with us here in Friday Harbor. We promise to treat you well and we hope in return you will last us for a good two years.

We love how spacious you are on the inside. Lots of room to load up thrift store furniture finds. I love the tinny sound of your radio. It takes me back to simpler times. Bob loves how your seats warm his buns (okay, I love that too) and how comfortable a ride you are.

You were a steal, you know, at only $1975. Well, $2300 after taxes and fees. Yes, yes… you do have a whopping 195,000 miles on you. Yes. But you’re solid. And we have a good feeling about you. We think you might even be a diamond in the rough. Please don’t let us down.


Steph & Bob (and Pablo)

P.S. Bob has a new name for you: The Green Machine. We hope you like it.

One Response

  1. The green machine has a good solid, classic look. A vehicle that will safely transport all of you. I cannot wait to roam the back roads of the San Juans in her.

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