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So what are we doing here?
January 28, 2010

I mean, what are we doing here at this blog? I’m starting a new one, I guess. From Love in the Time of Foreclosure to Two Years on an Island. I suppose I can’t help myself. There are too many stories here to keep to myself. I simply must share.

Not to mention the fact that a week or two after moving here, I got pregnant. So, I’m pregnant. Living on an island. A remote and beautiful island where there is no hospital. Like I said, too many stories to keep to myself.

What will I blog about?

-life in a rural farmhouse on a remote island

-being pregnant on an island

-being a ‘city mouse’ in the country… on an island

-getting out of debt… on an island

-love and parenthood on an island

It’s becoming clear now, yes? It’s all about the island. Who will read this? Who knows. With “Love in the Time of Foreclosure” I was hoping to reach lots and lots of people going through foreclosure like we were. I was hoping to go ‘viral.’ I worked really hard at getting the blog out there. And I’m glad that I did. But that is extremely time-consuming and I’m not sure I’ll be doing the same with this blog. This is for whoever is interested. I don’t know even know how this will go or how often I’ll post.

So what are we doing here? Trying this out. Two years on an island… stay tuned.